Baffle Kits

Baffle KitsThese baffles are a great way to build a rocket with no recovery wadding.
The design will slow down and cool the ejection charge before reaching the recovery device and nose cone.
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BT20 Baffle KitBT20 Baffle Kit$4.29
BT50 Baffle KitBT50 Baffle Kit$4.49
BT55 Baffle KitBT55 Baffle Kit$4.99
BT56 Baffle KitBT56 Baffle Kit$4.99
BT60 Baffle KitBT60 Baffle Kit$5.49
BT70 Baffle KitBT70 Baffle Kit$5.99
BT80 Baffle KitBT80 Baffle Kit$6.49