Deadline Approaches on Proposed New Regulations

A reminder comments are only open for a 75 day period on the proposed update to the Explosives Act.

Rocketeers in Canada are encouraged to voice their opinion and concerns by May 31, 2012 to Natural Resources Canada.

We would like to thanks Trip Barber of the National Association of Rocketry who has sent in their own letter (pdf format)

Special Pricing on Aerotech G40 motors

A limited number of Aerotech motors are available.  New, in original packaging.  White Lightning single use motors.

Pickup or delivery to a local event only.  No delivery available.

Sale Price - 16.00 CAD + tax

Available motors:
G40-4W item # 74004
G40-7W item # 74007
G40-10W item # 74010

Contact us at info@sunward1.com or by phone at 416-953-1847

Sunward Responds to Canada's Proposed Rocketry Regulations

Natural Resources Canada published a proposed update to the Explosives Act and Regulation in the Canada Gazette 1 on March 17,
2012.  The original legislation is outdated as it was written before 1920.

Public comment and feedback is invited and is available for 75 days after the publication date.  After the comments are received and
evaluated, which may result in changes, the Regulations will be published in Canada Gazette 2 and become law in early January 2013.

C6-5 Engines back in stock

C6-5 engines are now back in stock.

C6-5 Engines out of stock

We are currently out of stock of C6-5 engines.  They should be in stock later in February.

TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods course

I am currently taking the TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods course from the compliancecenter.com for the handling of shipping certain goods through the mail.

Although I only need the information relating to motors, it covers everything.  Almost done.  Only 3 more sessions to go and should be finished later today.  The quiz at the end of each session, which is mandatory, is not easy.  Having notes helps.

Angelo Castellano

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