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Updated Estes Model Engine Chart now available

We have posted a new up to date Estes Model Rocket Engine Chart. Current as of 2012.

Available at: Estes Model Rocket Engine Chart

Motor Sales transferred to

Sunward will now remove the sale of rocket motors from the main site

It has been to difficult to offer competitive shipping to the US and as a result the sale of rocket motors will now be done at our new site

Shipping will be to most Canadian addresses with pricing in Canadian dollars.  Customer in the continental US can still order motors but it will need to be done on a manual basis.

Final Comments for Proposed Regulations

Final comments have been sent and now available for viewing.

Thanks to Mary Roberts of Estes-Cox Corporation for their submission.  Mary Roberts has been also most helpful in getting motor manufacturers together.

One Day For Comments for Regulations Deadline

Another reminder comments must be received by Natural Resources Canada by May 31, 2012 - tomorrow.

A thanks to other for sharing their concerns.  These include:

John Campbell of Ottawa Rocketry Group

Mr. L.H. Kunin of Udisco of Montreal

Deadline Approaches on Proposed New Regulations

A reminder comments are only open for a 75 day period on the proposed update to the Explosives Act.

Rocketeers in Canada are encouraged to voice their opinion and concerns by May 31, 2012 to Natural Resources Canada.

We would like to thanks Trip Barber of the National Association of Rocketry who has sent in their own letter (pdf format)

Sunward Responds to Canada's Proposed Rocketry Regulations

Natural Resources Canada published a proposed update to the Explosives Act and Regulation in the Canada Gazette 1 on March 17,
2012.  The original legislation is outdated as it was written before 1920.

Public comment and feedback is invited and is available for 75 days after the publication date.  After the comments are received and
evaluated, which may result in changes, the Regulations will be published in Canada Gazette 2 and become law in early January 2013.

Bulk Motor Packs now available at Sunward

We are now pleased to offer bulk rocket motors packs.  Now available in A8-3, B6-4, and C6-5 sizes.  Each pack has 24 motors, 30 igniters, 24 igniters plugs, and recovery wadding.

The motors can be shipped by express courier and can be shipped to all parts of continental USA and Canada.

C6-5 Engines back in stock

C6-5 engines are now back in stock.

C6-5 Engines out of stock

We are currently out of stock of C6-5 engines.  They should be in stock later in February.

Pyrotechnician Badge Arrived

My Fireworks Operator Certificate - Pyrotechnician - arrived to day in the mail.  This is the result of the course I took earlier.  Arrived sooner than I expected.

This will allow me to handle all types of rockets motors and a defined class of pyrotechnic effects.

Angelo Castellano

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