nose cones

BT56 5 inch Plastic Nose Cone Now Available from Sunward

We now have a plastic BT56 nose cones in stock.

BT70 Plastic Nose Cone Back in Stock at Sunward

We now have stock this popular 10 1/2" long 5:1 Ogive nose cone.


New BT20 1 3/4 in Nose Cone

We now have an addition to the line of nose cones.  A shorter nose cone with an exposed length of 1 3/4" for BT20 tubes.

Now available online direct from Sunward and soon from retailers everywhere.

Nose Cone Production Results

Attached are some images of a production run of Balsa Nose Cones.  In the pile are BT56, BT70, and BT80.  Still to be doine are BT60 nose cones.

The BT56 are a custom size for bulk school packs.  They are not currently listed on the web site.

Lots of saw dust.  I next plan to control the dust on the CNC machine, mainly by enclosing the unit as much as possible and attaching a dust collector.

Angelo Castellano

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