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BT56 5 inch Plastic Nose Cone Now Available from Sunward

We now have a plastic BT56 nose cones in stock.

E Size Metal Motor Now Available at Sunward

These are for the larger E motors - length 3.75" / 9.6 cm

In stock and available online:

High Power Nose Cones and Boat Tail Now Available from Sunward

We are please to have the following nose cones for high power builds:

  • 38mm - VonKarman 5:1
  • 54mm - VonKarman 4:1
  • 2.6" - VonKarman 5:1

in both Black Fiberglass Filled Polycarbonate and Clear Polycarbonate.

Also now available is a 2.6inch Conical Boat Tail in Black Fiberglass Filled Polycarbonate.

all precision made and in stock from Sunward:

Estes Blast Deflector Plate Now Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of replacement Estes Blast Deflector Plates.

They are available online at:

Lots of BT80 Balsa Couplers

Production run of BT80 balsa couplers.  Ready to be bagged and labelled.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale 2012

We are pleased to announce our Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale.

Available to everyone in the USA. Flat rate shipping to most locations in the Continental US for only 7.95!

Enjoy your get together and holiday.  Sale is on both Thanksgiving Thursday November 22 and Black Friday November 23.  No limited quantities or first come first served.

Many items in stock! Shipping same or next business day!

Great deals and beat the price increase on January 1, 2013 of many regular priced items.

This year we bring you:

New Thin Mill Parachutes Now Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of new Thin Mill Parachutes.  Available in yellow and in sizes from 12" to 48".

Prices are the same as our regular nylon parachutes.

These parachutes are made with strong and light weight 1.1oz Rip Stop Nylon fabric with extra long shroud lines.

In stock and available for immediate shipping.

New Nylon RipStop Streamers

New Ripstop Nylon Streamers

Sunward now has available a line of Nylon Ripstop Streamers for sale.  Great for sport and competition use.

Nylon shroud lines are about the length of the streamer for greater flexibility.

The streamers are currently available in red and in 2x20", 3x30, 4x40, 5x50, 6x60, and 7x70" sizes.

More tubes?

Another shipment of rocketry tubes.  A little smaller this time.

New Compact U-Bolt Available

A new compact size of the 1/4" U-bolt is now available. 

Complete with 4 washers, 4 bolts, and additional plate. for attaching shock cords to mounting plates.

For attaching shock cords to mounting plates.

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