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New Pictures Uploaded

New pictures have now been uploaded for Balsa Connectors, the 5 foot by 5 foot NOMEX GFlame Resistant Ground Cover, and the BT80 3 1/2" Balsa Nose Cone.

They were a little camera shy until now.

Videos Added

I finally added the videos that were on the site previously.

The first is the video of sewing of the nylon parachutes.  The same sewing is done on the Flame Resistant NOMEX products.

The other is for the button hole on the NOMEX Flame Resistant products

Nose Cone Production Results

Attached are some images of a production run of Balsa Nose Cones.  In the pile are BT56, BT70, and BT80.  Still to be doine are BT60 nose cones.

The BT56 are a custom size for bulk school packs.  They are not currently listed on the web site.

Lots of saw dust.  I next plan to control the dust on the CNC machine, mainly by enclosing the unit as much as possible and attaching a dust collector.

Angelo Castellano

New Nose Cones and Design book

We now have available the book Model Rocket Design & Construction Book by Timothy S. Van Milligan, Revised 3rd Edition.  Another addition to the Books and publications section.

Due to popular demand, we also have 2 long nose cones.  One is the BT70 with a nose length of 10 1/2 inches and a BT80 nose cone with a nose length of 9 inches.  Both in stock and ready to ship.

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