Family Day Shipping

Shipping is normal during Family Day, Monday February 18.

Shipping Back to Normal

We are back to normal operations.

Shipping to Resume Monday After Storm Delays

A big storm and no shipping today, but we will return to normal shipping on Monday.

Weather May Delay Some Shipments

Due to the storm currently hitting North East US and South East Canada, there may be a delay in some shipments.

We are waiting to see if UPS and Canada Post will still do pickups today.  If not, shipments will go out on Monday.

Didn't Get Everything on Your List?

Now's the time to get what you've been looking for!

Flat rate shipping of 7.95 and qualified orders.  And beat the price increase on many items on January 1.

Online, email, or call in your order.

Thanks for Participating in the Boxing Day Sale

A thanks to everyone who participated.

Boxing Day Sale - 3 Days

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas when retailers place stock no longer needed, such as wrappings, on sale.
We are having a sale not only on Boxing Day, but for 3 days - Wednesday to Friday December 28.
On Sale:

Shipping - Christmas and Boxing Day December 2012

Due to the Christmas and Boxing Day Holidays, a few changes.

Today, Friday December 21, shipping will occur as normal but almost all deliveries will be made after the holidays

Monday December 24 will see limited shipping.  Post office may not pickup orders in the afternoon - morning only.  UPS will only pick up faster services.

As the post office and UPS are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday December 26,27, there is no shipping on all orders until Thursday December 28.

Back from iHobby Expo

We are back and now settling in.

We should be able to do all order today.  A blog posting with lots of pictures will be posted on this blog later this week.

iHobby Expo - Orders to be shipped October 15

We are getting ready to leave for iHobby Expo in Ohio on early Wednesday morning.

As a result, all orders will be shipped on Monday October 15, 2012 on our return.

Please give more time for email responses as we do not have access during the day.

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