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New Faster Shipping Options

New options have now been added allowing to choose for faster shipping methods. The new service evens gives an expected date ofyou receiving the package.

Currently, only addresses in the USA and Canada are available. Rates are computed in real time.

Flat shipping rate is still the same.

New Pictures Uploaded

New pictures have now been uploaded for Balsa Connectors, the 5 foot by 5 foot NOMEX GFlame Resistant Ground Cover, and the BT80 3 1/2" Balsa Nose Cone.

They were a little camera shy until now.

Short urls added

Short urls have now been added to each page on the site.  Lower left hand corner.  This will make it easy to access each page with the site name and 3 or 4 letters afterwards.

Videos Added

I finally added the videos that were on the site previously.

The first is the video of sewing of the nylon parachutes.  The same sewing is done on the Flame Resistant NOMEX products.

The other is for the button hole on the NOMEX Flame Resistant products

Blogs Now Have Pictures

I have added images to the blogs.  (Not in this one).  They should be viewable with all browsers.

Angelo Castellano

Balsa Sheets Now Available

Now available, various sizes of balsa sheets.

For now, they are

  • 18 inches wide
  • 3 or 4 inchs in width
  • thickness of 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8"

These are perfect for the scratch and clone builder where you want to cut your own fins or build your or parts.

I hope to add more more sizes and species of wood in the very near future

Angelo Castellano

Orders now viewable online

Orders that you have in place, both being shipped and shipped, are now viewable online.

A security setting was not checked and this resulted in clients not being able to see their own orders.

Popular Tags

I have now implemented a method of shown the Blog tags by popularity.

The more popular ones are shown by size.  They will be shown on all blog related pages.

TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods course

I am currently taking the TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods course from the for the handling of shipping certain goods through the mail.

Although I only need the information relating to motors, it covers everything.  Almost done.  Only 3 more sessions to go and should be finished later today.  The quiz at the end of each session, which is mandatory, is not easy.  Having notes helps.

Angelo Castellano

Upgraded Newsletter Service

A few changes to the Newsletter service we were using to send out the occasional email.

First, we have changed providers (mailchimp).  The return and sent email address will be the main Sunward Account - .

A little more simple design.  Less clutter to help out with the viewing.

No longer numbering the issues - took too much work.

We have now integrated the adding of your email direct from this site.  So you can checkout and subscribe at the same time.

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