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Twitter now available

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We have set up access to our Twitter account again on the site.  You can go to the page via the link menu on the right on by clicking on

Our name is rocket_catapult and the direct link is

New NOMEX products

We now have the NOMEX products, both blankets and shock cords, now available in Red. A slightly lighter material. (The Ground Cover will not be available in Red.)

Same pricing and also on sale with 25% off.

Our new server is up and it is FAST. Our web site is now moved over to the new CMS (content management system) using Drupal/ Ubercart. One of the world's widely used open source platform. RSS feed is now working on the site, and we now have our blog on our main site.

New web site done

Well, we did it!

We updated the new site.  It now runs on Drupal/ Ubercart and will have now ported all the old material to this new system of running a web site.  There are a couple of ends to clean up, but it is pretty much done.

The new site will not be a problem when it comes to security.  We have hardware and software protection built in. We don't keep or even have access to your credit card information.  That is done through our payment gateway, Paypal, who is known for their security.

Welcome to the New Blog Location


This is the new and now permanent site for the Sunward Aerospace Group Limited Blog.  We did have it at a temporary site, but now that this new site is up and running, welcome home.

We have transfered all the blog entries (there were only a few) here for reference sake.  As in a previous blog entry, we don't have comments enabled just yet, but will look in the near future.  Lots of changes and addidions to come.

Menu Layout

You may have noticed a problem with the menu if you are using Firefox. We use Freestyle menu from and an older version of the menu. As a result, the menus didn't open all the way.

Upgraded to a newer version, but the colors are not the same. Will leave it for now as a major change is coming.

Update on the blog

I have had a few questions on this new blog, so I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of them.

This is a temporary spot for the blog. I will be redoing the website soon and will enter all the posts on the new site.

For now, I am not allowing comments as there is a lot of work involved in managing them do to abuse and ads. That could change in the future.

The look of this page is kind of simple. It will change, hopefully.

Sunward Blog Officially up

Well, finally up.

I had to redo the website as the sale on the kits ended, so I took the opportunity to launch the Sunward blog. This will be used for major news and the twitter account will be used for when we are on the road.

This layout is new. It will be refined and then incorporated into the new website I hope to launch in the new year (2010).

I have not allowed comments to be entered at this time. As this may not be the permanent site, I am waiting for the main site and then may allow comments.

First Blog

Please bear with us as we set up the main page for the Sunward Blog.New to this type of software so it will take a while to get up and going.

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