29mm D-Region Tomahawk Upgrade Kit 2037

We now have available a 29mm upgrade kit for the Estes D-Region Tomahawk, kit #2037.

Included are the 5 1/4" tube for most E,F, and G engines two 3/16 laser cut Birch Plywood mounting rings and a 29mm thrust ring.

Kits is an addidtional expense and not available from Sunward at this time.

For advanced modelers.  The builder is responsible for selecting the proper engine to maintain stability and safe flight.  The builder is also responsible for ensuring the rocket is stable.

Upscale SkyBender

Courtesy of Dale Marshall, today I present his upscale SkyBender.

According to Dale:

It launched great under three D12 engines but failed under three C11s (parachute didn't deploy).....  The plans are very similar to the Skybender. ...Iit was fun to build and very fun to fly.

I have attached his rocksim file. (right click to download)

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