Certification Testing

I had the pleasure of helping to do the certification test for a new "O" motor from CTI.  By comparison, an "O" motor has 20,480.01 to 40,960.00 Installed Total Impulse (Newton-Seconds).  Compared to a "B" motor which has 2.51 to 5.00 total thrust - a factor of 8192 times ( 213).  Or, in other words, an "O" motor is equivalent to 8,192 "B" motors.  Yes, a big one.

Dr. Jeroen Louwers and Bob Pouliot were also present for the testing.

Videos Added

I finally added the videos that were on the site previously.

The first is the video of sewing of the nylon parachutes.  The same sewing is done on the Flame Resistant NOMEX products.

The other is for the button hole on the NOMEX Flame Resistant products

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