Videos Added

I finally added the videos that were on the site previously.

The first is the video of sewing of the nylon parachutes.  The same sewing is done on the Flame Resistant NOMEX products.

The other is for the button hole on the NOMEX Flame Resistant products

AARM 2010 Alberta Rocketry Meet

Sunward is proud to be a sponsor of the  Alberta Rocketry Meet - AARM 2010 being held at Morinville Alberta July 23 to 25, 2010.

The Edmonton Rocketry Club is hosting the 40th anniversay launch! A model rocketry competition for both young and the young at heart.

For further details:

TARC 2011 - Team America Rocketry Challenge new rules

I have updated the TARC page with the new rules for TARC 2011.

Thanks to Trip Barber for the details.

Angelo Castellano

Nose Cone Production Results

Attached are some images of a production run of Balsa Nose Cones.  In the pile are BT56, BT70, and BT80.  Still to be doine are BT60 nose cones.

The BT56 are a custom size for bulk school packs.  They are not currently listed on the web site.

Lots of saw dust.  I next plan to control the dust on the CNC machine, mainly by enclosing the unit as much as possible and attaching a dust collector.

Angelo Castellano

CAR-ACF Level 2 Certification Flight

Well, I launched the rocket on Saturday June 19, 2010.  Successful launch and recovery!  Thanks to Bob, Chris, and Jim of NAPAS for certifying the launch.

The expected height was 2,200 feet but it seemed to go higher.  With a little wind (about 16km/h), and the ejection charge set too low (4 seconds), the rocket drifted about 1 1/2 km downrange!  Nice walk there and back though tall grass, swamps, and fences.  It does help to read the instructions for the motor before using it.

The rocket flew on a Pro38 382-I-170-14A Classic high power motor.

CAR-ACF Level 2 Certification

I have enclosed 2 pictures of a rocket that I built for my  Canadian Association of Rocketry  - L'Association Canadienne De Fuséologie Level 2 Certification test.  This  test is based on a successful construction, flight, and recovery of an "I" motor based rocket.

The kit is an old kit that has been around and missing some parts.  Large at 5 3/8" (sorry, Sunward doesn't have these just yet) and a height of 37".  Being a wide rocket, hopefully it won't go as high and I won't have to go far to recover it.

Blogs Now Have Pictures

I have added images to the blogs.  (Not in this one).  They should be viewable with all browsers.

Angelo Castellano

Balsa Sheets Now Available

Now available, various sizes of balsa sheets.

For now, they are

  • 18 inches wide
  • 3 or 4 inchs in width
  • thickness of 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8"

These are perfect for the scratch and clone builder where you want to cut your own fins or build your or parts.

I hope to add more more sizes and species of wood in the very near future

Angelo Castellano

Orders now viewable online

Orders that you have in place, both being shipped and shipped, are now viewable online.

A security setting was not checked and this resulted in clients not being able to see their own orders.

Memorial Day Shipping Event

Memorial Day Shipping Event

Free shipping to most continental US locations on orders over 60.00USD.  Ends at midnight on Monday, May 31, 2010. Sorry, Alaska and Hawaii not included.

The free shipping rate should be available automatically on the checkout page.  Just select when you are ready to complete your order.

Any problems, just call 416-953-1847 or email us.

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