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29mm D-Region Tomahawk Upgrade Kit 2037

We now have available a 29mm upgrade kit for the Estes D-Region Tomahawk, kit #2037.

Included are the 5 1/4" tube for most E,F, and G engines two 3/16 laser cut Birch Plywood mounting rings and a 29mm thrust ring.

Kits is an addidtional expense and not available from Sunward at this time.

For advanced modelers.  The builder is responsible for selecting the proper engine to maintain stability and safe flight.  The builder is also responsible for ensuring the rocket is stable.

Laser cut parts

Received a new supply of laser cut balsa and plywood.

Header Paper Drilling

A supply of headers from the printer being drilled.  Each header comes scored and needs two holes. An old but effective paper drill is used.

July Long Weekend Holidays

Due to the holidays, the following is our schedule:

July 1- no shipping but orders are being taken. Happy Canada Day

July 4 - all shipping services open ans orders being taken.  Happy Independence Day.

U Bolt Assemblies

U-bolt are now available.  In 1/4" and 3/8" size. Complete with 4 washers, 4 bolts, and additional plate. for attaching shock cords to mounting plates. For attaching shock cords to mounting plates.

Launch Lug Bonus and Changes

Our 5 Pack of 1/4" x 4" Launch Lugs is now a bonus pack - 10 launch lugs for the price of 5!

Mylar 1/4" x 1.25" lugs is limited supply and will be discontinued when supply is gone.

As a result, the current assorted pack is no longer available.  We do now have a new assorted pack - 15 total with 5 each of the 1/8" x 2.5", 3/16" x 2.5", and 1/4" x 4" lugs.  New lower price too.

Rocket Tubes Anyone?

Received our new order of tubes today.  Thirty cases. All types from body tubes to engine tubes.

Victoria Day - enjoy

Today, Monday May 23, 2011, is Victoria Day.

As all couriers, shippers, and the post office is closed, all orders will go out on Tuesday.

We should be available most of the day if you need any help.

Enjoy the holiday.

One size in NOMEX out of stock

We are now out of stock of the 18x18" 6.5 oz Red NOMEX.  Other choices in color and sizes are still available.

Bulk Motor Packs now available at Sunward

We are now pleased to offer bulk rocket motors packs.  Now available in A8-3, B6-4, and C6-5 sizes.  Each pack has 24 motors, 30 igniters, 24 igniters plugs, and recovery wadding.

The motors can be shipped by express courier and can be shipped to all parts of continental USA and Canada.

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