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Black Friday Sale Up to 30% off CTI Hardware

We are pleased to offer up to 30% off all CTI hardware and select nose cones:


and related parts:

Prices have already been reduced online and are valid until the end of Monday Night November 30, 2015.

Black Friday Sale at Sunward 2015 to be Announced

We will be having a sale for Black Friday.

Stay tuned for detail to be announced later on Thursday.

E Size Metal Motor Now Available at Sunward

These are for the larger E motors - length 3.75" / 9.6 cm

In stock and available online:

Estes Altimeter Now Available

We now have in stock the Estes Altimeter.

Available online:

Pro54 and Pro98 Hardware Re-Stock at CTI

CTI now has a full re-stock on Pro54 and Pro98 hardware.

Available for same or next day shipping!

Pro54 spacers will be available shortly.

Available online:

HyperTEK Hybrid Propulsion System Now Available from Sunward

HyperTEK is a modular, hybrid propellant rocket motor system that uses readily available nitrous oxide (N2O) and thermoplastic fuel grains. The system is designed primarily for use in launching small experimental payloads by universities, colleges, research institutes, and sport rocketry enthusiasts.

HyperTEK products are readily available to ship in 2 to 3 days from Sunward.

For sales in the USA:

BT70 Plastic Nose Cone Back in Stock at Sunward

We now have stock this popular 10 1/2" long 5:1 Ogive nose cone.


High Power Nose Cones and Boat Tail Now Available from Sunward

We are please to have the following nose cones for high power builds:

  • 38mm - VonKarman 5:1
  • 54mm - VonKarman 4:1
  • 2.6" - VonKarman 5:1

in both Black Fiberglass Filled Polycarbonate and Clear Polycarbonate.

Also now available is a 2.6inch Conical Boat Tail in Black Fiberglass Filled Polycarbonate.

all precision made and in stock from Sunward:

Another Visit for High Power Motor Magazine Inspection

Had the inspection for the license for the High Power Motor Magazine.

And he had a real nice department vehicle this time!

Everything in order.

Full Line of Orange Nomex Products Back in Stock

We now have the full line of Nomex Resuable Parachute Protectors and Reusable shock Cord Protectors back in stock

Parachute protectors range in size from 3x3 up to 24x24 inch. Shock cord protectors are available in 36 and 58 inches long.

Available online:

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