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Upscale SkyBender

Courtesy of Dale Marshall, today I present his upscale SkyBender.

According to Dale:

It launched great under three D12 engines but failed under three C11s (parachute didn't deploy).....  The plans are very similar to the Skybender. ...Iit was fun to build and very fun to fly.

I have attached his rocksim file. (right click to download)

TARC 2011 rules update

There has been a question on how the rules are interpreted on the 15" parachutes for the 2011 competition.  A 6 sided parachute will not qualify.

A question came up on if the top of the parachute, when inflated, was larger than the bottom where the shroud lines are connected.  The answer is no.

From Trip Baraber:

Web Special Weekend only

We are pleased to announce a weekend web sale on select kits and parts. Only until Monday August 16, 2010. All at a flat rate shipping!

On sale are the Khufu's pyramid rocket with 40% off, the Box Racer with 35% off, and the 19 Monster Pack of Connectors with 30%.

The 15" round TARC parachute is in stock and ready to ship at 7.99. This parachute meets 2011 TARC competition rules.

New shock Cord

New shock cord now available.  This is 3/8 inch wide material.  Available in a package of 4, each about 6' /72" long.

Choose from different strengths.  Sunward kits generally use the 1/4" material in most kits.  The 1/8 material is for smaller light weight rockets.  The 3/8 for larger rockets such as G powered kits.

The shock cord length should be about twice the length of the body tube of the rocket.

New Pictures Uploaded

New pictures have now been uploaded for Balsa Connectors, the 5 foot by 5 foot NOMEX GFlame Resistant Ground Cover, and the BT80 3 1/2" Balsa Nose Cone.

They were a little camera shy until now.

New Facebook url

A new Facebook url, easy and short:

Short urls added

Short urls have now been added to each page on the site.  Lower left hand corner.  This will make it easy to access each page with the site name and 3 or 4 letters afterwards.

Join us on Facebook

We have joined facebook.  Great time to get involved.

TARC Competition Parachute

Sunward is pleased to announce the availability of 15 " round parachutes made of rip stop nylon.

These parachutes meet the requirements for the TARC 2011 competition.

Edit - these parachutes also meet TARC 2013 rules - now in stock. Sewn on industrial grade equipment with edges serged to prevent fraying.

Certification Videos

Finally I am able to add videos for the Certification Flight.

This first video is just basic information as there was a continuity problem. Each video is about 2MB in size.

The second video is of the actual flight.  After a while, the rocket can't be seen in the video. Sorry about the finger on the image. Tim MacLeod is the voice in the background.

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