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Pyrotechnics Safety

Pyrotechnics Safety

I attended the Pyrotechnics Safety and Legal Awareness Course today at Humber College.  The course is mainly for the special effects but since rocketry has a lot to do with pyrotechnics, I felt it was worth attending.

And after we had a demonstration.  Saw a lot of smokeless gunpowder, grebs, flash paper, and other special effects.  Cool.

Angelo Castellano

Space Day 2010

Space Day 2010 was a success.

Annual event at Downsview Park.  A bunch of local schools now have an annual event where they learn about space.  The final touch is the launching of rocket kits built by the students - one per class.

A little on the windy side, but we were able to launch.

New web site done

Well, we did it!

We updated the new site.  It now runs on Drupal/ Ubercart and will have now ported all the old material to this new system of running a web site.  There are a couple of ends to clean up, but it is pretty much done.

The new site will not be a problem when it comes to security.  We have hardware and software protection built in. We don't keep or even have access to your credit card information.  That is done through our payment gateway, Paypal, who is known for their security.

Local Area Get Together

CAR-ACF will be holding a get together at the Pickle Barrel at Yorkdale Shopping Center, in Toronto, on Monday April 19, 2010 at 7pm ET on.

Members of Canadian Association of Rocketry - L'Association Canadienne De Fuséologie and members of the public interested in attending are welcome to attend.

More guests will be confirmed, but Thomas Raithby, Vice President of CAR-ACF will be in town and will be a featured guest.

Welcome to the New Blog Location


This is the new and now permanent site for the Sunward Aerospace Group Limited Blog.  We did have it at a temporary site, but now that this new site is up and running, welcome home.

We have transfered all the blog entries (there were only a few) here for reference sake.  As in a previous blog entry, we don't have comments enabled just yet, but will look in the near future.  Lots of changes and addidions to come.

Menu Layout

You may have noticed a problem with the menu if you are using Firefox. We use Freestyle menu from and an older version of the menu. As a result, the menus didn't open all the way.

Upgraded to a newer version, but the colors are not the same. Will leave it for now as a major change is coming.

NARCON coming soon

Yes NARCON is fast approaching. Just over 2 weeks away.

Sunward will be there for the 2 days, on Saturday March 13 and Sunday March 14. Full day on Saturday, but not sure about Sunday.

I will be there with a limited selection of products. So if you need anything specific, please contact me at and I will bring it for you.

Also coming down is Tim Macleod, who has designed many kits for Sunward.

See you there.

Angelo Castellano

computer problem after a power failure

Just wanted to post what happened when there was a little power failure on Christmas Day.

Short, about 10 minutes or so, but my main computer was on at the time. After the power came back on, I had problems starting the system up again. I could get through the main boot screen, but the system would reboot after trying to start windows. Safe Mode didn't work.

Thank you for your participation

We would like to thank everyone for their participation in our Boxing Day Sale.

Angelo and Pina

Seasons Greeting and Boxing Day

Seasons Greetings

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy and joyous holiday season. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010.

December 26 - Boxing Day Sale

We will be having a Boxing Day Sale on December 26. One day only ending midnight ET time. Check our web site on Saturday for full details.

Angelo and Pina

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