Special Purchase Estes Mercury Redstone 2167 and Stage Props

We have obtained limited product through a special purchase.  Limited Quantities. Estes Cosmic Cobra Model Rocket Kit 1262 – SOLD OUT Estes Mercury Redstone Kit 2167 with Liberty Bell – SOLD OUT Stage Props Tribbles Set of Three 3 www.sunward1.com/stage-props-tribbles-set-three-3 For Canadian customers, please see our Sunward Hobbies site: www.sunwardhobbies.ca/content/special-purchase-estes-mercury-redstone-2167-and-stage-props

TARC 2013 Winning Team announced

Congratulations to Georgetown 4-H from Georgetown, TX for finishing in first place at the TARC 2013 Finals on May 11 , 2013 Over 4,000 students participated this year.  A warm round of applause to the organizers, mentors, and students for their participation Full details at: http://www.aia-aerospace.org/newsroom/aia_news/texas_students_take_first_place_in_team_america_rocketry_challenge_finals/www.aia-aerospace.org/newsroom/aia_news