Spam Measures

There has been a lot of spam coming into our mailbox lately and it is getting annoying.  So we have implemented some simple changes to cut down on the obvious spam.

These measures include:

  • requests for “message read reply” are NEVER sent.  Outlook express has been set to never send it.  We do not even get asked when reading emails.
  • based on keywords, some messages are automatically sent to the DELETED folder and are never sent.  These words include some of the common medications in spam, watches and the like, certain websites, and some other items we will not disclose.  We do not maintain a complete list, publish it, and can change as required.

We also use to report spam.

We try to respond very quickly to emails. So if it is very important and we don’t respond within a day, then we never got the message.  If you ordered something from out online cart and we don’t ship the next business day, we will send you email stating so.  We do not hide.