Sunward Acquires Advanced Rocketry Group Rocket Kits


Sunward Aerospace Group Limited announced today it has acquired the inventory, designs, and intellectual property rights for previously designed rocket kits by Advanced Rocketry Group Limited (ARG).

The acquisition of ARG allows Sunward to enter the scale model rocket kit market for the first time. This line of high quality scale model rocket kits features over 40 designs with many using custom made tubing and parts.

The sale will allow Taras Tataryn to focus on ARG’s strengths as a design and prototype business, signaling his departure from the manufacturing and sales sector.

As Sunward continues to open a new retail hobby store in Toronto, these new kits will not be available until later in the summer of 2013.  These kits will be released in stages over a period of time.

The large selection of kits will be available direct from Sunward, local hobby stores, and select distributors worldwide.

For further information, contact:

Angelo Castellano
Sunward Aerospace Group Limited