TARC Competition Parachute

Sunward is pleased to announce the availability of 15 ” round parachutes made of rip stop nylon. These parachutes meet the requirements for the TARC 2011 competition. Edit – these parachutes also meet TARC 2013 rules – now in stock. Sewn on industrial grade equipment with edges serged to prevent fraying. https://www.sunward1.com/product/tarc-round-nylon-parachute-15-inches-red/  

Videos Added

I finally added the videos that were on the site previously. The first is the video of sewing of the nylon parachutes.  The same sewing is done on the Flame Resistant NOMEX products. The other is for the button hole on the NOMEX Flame Resistant products. Check our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVutjZLcFnWvWI4B7hcJ-Lw