Full Line of Orange Nomex Products Back in Stock

We now have the full line of Nomex Resuable Parachute Protectors and Reusable shock Cord Protectors back in stock Parachute protectors range in size from 3×3 up to 24×24 inch. Shock cord protectors are available in 36 and 58 inches long. Available online: https://www.sunward1.com/product-category/rocketry/

New Desert Camouflage and color choices for NOMEX

We now have new products in the NOMEX flame resistant line. These include: Desert Camouflage/camo parachute and shock cord protectors.  Official material. 6.5oz Red NOMEX fabric in limited sizes 6.5oz Orange NOMEX fabric in limited sizes These are due to a special purchase of material and their supply is limited. https://www.sunward1.com/product-category/rocketry/