TARC 2012 – Team America Rocketry Challenge new rules

I have updated the TARC page with the new rules for TARC 2012.

In brief:

  • 2 eggs payload
  • altitude goal 800 feet
  • duration goal 43 to 47 seconds
  • liftoff mass limit 650 grams
  • rocket motor total impulse limit 80 Newton-seconds F or below)
  • recovery by parachute of any size
  • any of three altimeters permitted (not carried by Sunward at this time)
  • 1000 team limit, no more than 5 per school
  • third flight at the Finals to settle any tie for 1st through 3rd places (only)

Full details at http://www.rocketcontest.org/

Registrations opens September 7, 2011.

Thanks to Trip Barber for the details.