Thanksgiving Weekend Black Friday Sale

Sunward is pleased to announce a Free CTI Pro24 – 1 Grain motor casing and closure for the  Solar Eclipse Rocket Kit. From now until Sunday November 27, 2011 for shipments to continental USA and Canada.

Offer applies to online orders and money orders mailed in. Now is the great opportunity to take advantage of this special offer.  There are no clubs to join and the case is added when shipped. Mail in orders payments totals are given online and with a printable summary.

A retail value of $25.98 at no charge. (For single stage use only.)

The Sunward Solar Eclipse is a precision built 2 stage rocket with 8 laser cut fins, customer mounting rings, and a nylon 24″ parachute.

Smart People read the fine print.  We will try to have stock.  Due to the nature of the deal, shipments made by delayed by a day.
Should we run out, we will advise you.
Limit one per customer. (For single stage use only.)

We recommend using the 25E75-17A motor only. For added strength, apply a bead of epoxy on the side of the fins. For single stage –
not for 2 stage use.

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