Upscale SkyBender

Courtesy of Dale Marshall, today I present his upscale SkyBender.

According to Dale:

It launched great under three D12 engines but failed under three C11s (parachute didn’t deploy)…..  The plans are very similar to the Skybender. …Iit was fun to build and very fun to fly.

I have attached his rocksim file. (right click to download)

His youtube video:

Link is (opens in a new window)

He indicated he “….added a filler tube in the middle for strength since the top is so much heavier than the middle.  I was afraid of crimping.”

There are many variations to build the upscale kit, so feel free to experiment.  The main design is built on BT80 body tubes.  Two tubes are used and one is cut into a 10″ and 8″ piece.  The 8″ piece is used for the motor section.  A BT80 coupler is used to join the 18 and 10″. A set of 3 BT50 are used in the main section.  The plates from 05109 triple 24 to BT80 mounting kit can be used.  The engine mount can either be the 05 109 or the 05 169 mounting kit which has 4″ engine tubes for “E” engines.

Other parts can use standard mounting parts available from Sunward.

Thanks to Dale for sharing his design.