FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Sunward™ Model Rocket Kits and siege Engines including the Trebuchet, Catapult, & Ballista

Where Can I buy Sunward™ Products?
Just go to the page of the product you are interested in or look under Where to buy. You will find a list of fine dealers who carry Sunward Model Rockets, Trebuchets, Catapults, Ballista, Paper Telescopes, and other fine products
Can I buy direct from Sunward™?
Just click on the Add to cart button and when you are done, you can checkout and pay for your purchases. Should you want to pay with a money order, just use the shopping cart as a guide.
We gladly ship all over the world. Just ask for rates before checking out. We can provide a custom quote for your shipping needs.
I own a retail store. Can I sell Sunward™ products?
Yes. You can order through one of our distributors or direct from us.
Just contact us and we will provide you with information and get the process started.
How long do I need to wait for shipment?
At Sunward™, we try to have everything in stock, for both our dealers and our direct purchasers. We have a policy of shipping with in one business day of your order.
We always contact you if there is a delay and we always tell you when we have shipped!
Large quantities may need a longer lead time.
What kind of quality materials are used in the making of Sunward kits and products?
  • for model rockets, fins wood is either hard laser cut balsa or competition grade laser cut balsa. Great quality. Laser cut means precision cuts. No having to mark a blank piece of wood and making mistakes! Some high performance rockets have birch plywood fins, also laser cut
  • Our Balsa nose cones are made by us on our own CNC equipment
  • Our standard 18" parachutes are clear with red writing. Easy to track.
  • Nylon parachutes are made from high quality material and sewn on Professional Grade Serger Sewing machines.
  • high quality printing used. Either 4 color process or high quality photocopies.
  • instructions well laid out with use of pictures AND words
  • nose cones are precision made to fit tubing
  • all tubing is high quality with +-0.003" tolerance ( 3 thousands of an inch ). Some tubing is coated with a glassine - a white or clear coating. The glassine makes the tube stronger and allows most rockets to be flown without painting. All tubing used by Sunward is made in the USA to strict standards.
  • all specialized components custom selected from different sources.
  • most rocket kits are now shipping with our own metal motor clips. Stainless steel springy metal with a full 0.125" wide. ( This is a running change in production and will take time to be in all kits.)
  • Most kits have high quality mylar decals. From one to three color. When white is used on the decal, flags don't appear see thru.
  • Wooden kits, like the Trebuchet, Catapult, and the Ballista use high quality Basswood. Perfect for modeling - and contains no knots.