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2007 Newsletters
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November 12, 2007

Sunward Aerospace Group Limited today announced a supply issue with the BT56 Canopy Nose Cone. Some kits using the Canopy Nose Cone, including:

DesertFox, Liberator, Icestorm, Maverick, Sukhoi, Mirage, Star Watcher, Gravity Rider, Phoenix, and 05062 nose cones

are out of stock or almost out of stock. Other kits using the Canopy nose cone will use a balsa nose cone. There is no estimated time frame to either resolve the problem or to obtain a new mould.

Sunward also announces the launch of 9 new Rocket Kits which are now available from hobby stores, online sellers, and direct from Sunward

The 9 new kits, are based on BT50, and for the first time, BT60 and BT70 body tubes with balsa nose cones made in house by Sunward™ using new CNC equipment.

Mercury Lander Jr. - Shorter body tube with legs and bases - included.
Solar Eclipse - Our first 2 stage rocket!
SkyBender - Our first 3 cluster rocket. Previously the HellBender III.
The Screamer! - 2 x 18mm cluster rocket with motors tilted at an angle
Grasshopper - VERY Small rocket, but a high flyer.
Flat Foot - Tall rocket with lots of balsa. Laser Cut Balsa fins in the shape of feet. Decals with name and toe nails.
Arachnid - A first - 8 fin design, yet easy to build and fly. Includes laser cut fins, and metal motor clips
Daddy Long Legs - Something different.
Eruption - Laser cut lite ply fins. Four (4) tilted motors.

New parts will be available shortly. 


April 16, 2007


We have been busy, so it has been a long time since the last newsletter - there is a lot to cover. Good time to make yourself comfortable.

If this is your first issue, welcome. If not, hello again.

First on the list is the move to new facilities. This gives us the (badly) needed room for storage, packaging, and shipping. We have also obtained new woodworking equipment, new sewing equipment ( parachutes and NOMEX products ) and will be obtaining even more equipment in the future. Our mailing address stays the same. See current contact for information.

New in-house silk screening equipment. This will allow for making of both mylar and water slide decals. Generally, mylar will be used for most rockets and water slide for scale rockets ( now in the design phase. )

As for product expansion, we have obtained the rights to DMB Rocketry's launch controllers and cluster cable. In addition, we have also obtained the rights to the Hellbender and the Flechette model rocket kits. The launch controllers and the cluster cables are now being reviewed for relaunch. ( no pun intended) The same for the Hellbender. As for the Flechette, news later on in this newsletter.

New rocket kits!
They include:
Interplanetary Shuttle - Small rocket with lots of balsa. Distinctive large mid section.
Box Racer - foam board fins with preprinted side panels
Space Speedster - printed body tube and fins for a short rocket
Flechette - laser cut 2 piece balsa fins for a long tapered look
Explorer - laser cut 4 fin model rocket with distinctive large mid section
Bug Me Not! - Great laser cut balsa fins. Perfect starter rocket
Lightning Fury - Long and easy to build with parachute

The Telescope kit, excellent for school projects and science fairs, is made with high precision tubing. Precolored so no need to paint. The tubes are coated black on the inside and use glass lenses for better imaging.

Also available are BT50 nose cones, and BT55 body tubes, 18" in length.

A DUAL 24mm to a BT80 mounting kit is an addition to the mounting kit line. This kit includes laser cut lit-ply mounting rings, metal retaining hooks, and 2.75" motor tubes.

BT30 body tubes - these were a special purchase and we have none left. No plans to re-order at this time. Some of our vendors may have some left.

We also have a line of 24mm mounting kits with 4" motor tubes. For many "E" engines.

These new items are now shipping to vendors.

Download our catalogue at:
Supplemental Catalogue at:

Your local hobby store not carrying our products? Ask them to or have us call them. You earn a fee based on sales for your time and effort. Email or call for us for details.