2008 Newsletters

2008 Newsletters
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December 22, 2008


HMA Membership

HMA - Hobby Manufacturers Association

From their web site: "The Hobby Manufacturers Association (HMA) is the trade association for manufacturers, importers, publishers, producers and suppliers of all model hobby products and related accessories. Our mission is to promote the public awareness of model hobbies, communicate with and for the members on matters of common interest with a united voice, and to promote trade shows and conventions." We are now proud to announce we have joined as a voting member.

Parachute Redesign

Time for new parachutes. These are the standard 18" plastic ones that have been in most Sunward model rocket kits since 2004. We thought there was another case, but no. So we are taking this opportunity to do a complete redesign. The previous design was from the previous owners and we had very little input as the artwork was already done.

So, you as a rocketeer, now have an opportunity to provide any comments you, may have. We will do a few basic changes, such as adding instructions, but the following may / will be the new specifications for them:

  • will remain red printing on a clear material™
  • the basic triangle design will be the same where possible
  • we will add instructions
  • as in our instructions and web site, we will add logos for national organizations. Such as NAR, CAR, MAAC, and TRA
  • finally add a clearly marked spill hole

we may go to a thinner material so they are easier to insert in smaller body tubes still 18" design, but will add the outline for smaller ones ( either 12 and 15" or just 15") As the design is not final, there is still time for any input you may have, so please feel free so send any comments, requests, or ideas along.

Season Greetings

We will take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy holiday and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

It is a busy time of the year, but watch for exciting news in 2009.

Your local hobby store not carrying our products? Ask them to or have us call them. You earn a fee based on sales for your time and effort. Email or call for us for details.


November 26, 2008


New 12volt Launch Controller

New 12 volt based model and mid power rocket launch controller. These controllers feature a comfortable soft side hand held unit for ease of use. They are designed and built to handle A - G motors.

The controllers features:

  • a master ON/OFF switch
  • flashing light and buzzer sounds when power is turned on
  • 2 in 1 light show continuity of circuit
  • Red light shows ARMED/ READY TO FIRE and Green light show SAFE / OPEN circuit
  • master key turns launch button off
  • large launch button
  • Long 3 meter (9.8ft) power cable
  • extra long 15 meter (49.2ft) ignition cable
  • Fuse protection built into hand unit
  • includes 2 solid copper clips to attach to igniters or Cluster Cables
  • Continuity check safe for all industry igniters for model and Mid-Powered igniters

These controllers are available in Yellow or Red and with battery cable connectors or with 12V plug - excellent for portable power sources

The size of the Hand unit is:


  • Length 4.62" / 11.7 cm
  • Width 3.11" / 7.9 cm
  • Height 0.95" / 2.4 cm

The controller is based on designs and input from Taras Tataryn, Gary White, and Daniel Barrett of DMB Rocketry


BT50 Body Tubes

now available a 5 pack of BT50 body tubes - 18" long. We have had these in use in our kits, but forgot to make them available as a stand alone item.


BT20 Nose Cones

Two different BT20 plastic nose cones

They are Long Ogive and are available as 2 1/8" and 3" long


We don't have any BT20 based model rocket kits at this time. Stay tuned.

Balsa Nose Cones and Connectors

Check out our growing line of Balsa Nose Cones: BT56, BT60, BT70, and BT80

and Balsa Connectors: BT55, BT56, BT60, and BT70


Your local hobby store not carrying our products? Ask them to or have us call them. You earn a fee based on sales for your time and effort. Email or call for us for details.


March 6, 2008


Motor Cluster Cables

They are for use from 2 to 12 motors.

These cables allow easier, more reliable, and a more professional way to attach your cluster model rocket engines to your launch controller. Attach the single pair end to your launch controller and the other ends are attached to your motors. Each set is quality made with only the best components. The clips are copper with flat surfaces for more surface area to grab on to. Easy to clean with sandpaper or a fine wire brush. Heat shrink tubing applied to joints for more strength and isolation. Soldered joints.

Each set checked for shorts and continuity. These cables are based on the designs from Daniel Barrett of DMB Rocketry http://www.sunward1.com/cluster-cables.htm

Tilted Motor Mounts Sunward

Also announced the availability of Tilted Motor Mounts:

05 177 dual 188 to BT60
05 179 quad 18mm to BT70

Research Material - The Crossbow: by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey, Bt

To help researchers and students with their Siege Engine Products, Sunward has made available for personal use the book: The Crossbow: Mediaeval and Modern Military and Sporting; Its Construction, History, & Management with a Treatise on The Ballista and Catapults of the Ancients and an Appendix on The Catapult, Ballista, and Turkish Bow by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey, Bt.


Tubes and Connectors

Sunward also announced additions to the line of Model Rocket Tubes and Connectors: http://www.sunward1.com/bodytubes.htm

Videos Now even videos!

One for how we use our custom buttonhole machine for the NOMEX Flame Resistant Blankets http://www.sunward1.com/nblanket.htm

How we sew the edges of the parachutes:
This machine is also used to sew the edges of the NOMEX blankets, but with Kevlar thread.

Web site Design

We have also slightly redone our web site to get rid of the very simple layout. Thanks to Mike Vendre, there is a new front page layout, and graphics throughout. There are more updates coming, so stay tuned.