NOMEX Orange 6.5oz Flame Resistant Wadding Chute Protectors for Rockets

NOMEX Orange 6.5oz Shock Cord Protectors
SKU: NOMEX Chute Protectors Orange 6.5oz

NOMEX® Orange Flame Resistant Wadding / Chute Protector Blankets

Special Purchase - Limited Availability!

Beware of imitations. Made with NOMEX® - accept no substitutions LIGHT weight - only 6 1/2 oz - Orange fabric used. Beware of heavier materials that may cause rockets to be unstable or limit heights!

Color may vary from image.

Available in:

  • 3x3" for tubes up to 1.5" in diameter
  • 6x6" for tubes up to 2" in diameter
  • 9x9" for tubes up to 3" in diameter
  • 12x12" for tubes up to 4" in diameter
  • 18x18" for tubes up to 6" in diameter
  • 24x24" for tubes up to 8" in diameter
  • State of the Art protection for parachute and recovery system
  • Replaces wadding and baffle systems
  • Reusable
  • Machine Washable - Flame Resistant Properties will not fade with washing
  • All edges sewn with professional grade Serger Sewing equipment with  NOMEX thread
  • Hole to pass shock cord through has edges sewn with NOMEX
  • Depending on production run, may contain Kelver fibres in the material.

For other designs, colors, and styles, see our NOMEX Chute Protectors.

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