2006 Late Winter Early Spring Photo Contest

2006 Late Winter Early Spring Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners

How are winners chosen? Very simple. The judges (owners of Sunward and family members) looked at all the entries. After 4 hours of discussing which ones are best, 3 winners were chosen. Not an easy task! Below are the winners and a brief comment. The images may have been cropped and resized for display here. The full size images as submitted are also available.

1st Place:
Cliff O. of FL.
Features a Desert Fox "painted it the classic "black n white" police vehicle scheme"

Winner of 8 Sunward Model Rockets.

2nd Place:
Bill R. of AB.
A "Sunward Phoenix at a spring launch this year "

Winner of 4 Sunward Model Rockets.

3rd Place:
Marty W. of AL
"Sunward Maverick"

Winner of 2 Sunward Model Rockets.

1st and 3rd place are from SEARS 572. (South East Alabama Rocketry Society)



First Prize: Choice of any 8 Sunward Model Rockets
Second Prize: Choice of any 4 Sunward Model Rockets
Third Prize: Choice of any 2 Sunward Model Rockets

Valid Entries

  • A valid entry is a Sunward Rocket which has been assembled and painted by the person entering.

How to Enter



  • Maximum of 2 entries per person
  • To enter digital photos, email to the main email address info@sunward1.com. Please limit the size of the images to about 300kb.
  • To enter prints, please send mail to the main address located on the Contact Us page. Prints will not be returned.
  • Last day to enter is April 28, 2006.
  • Photos may be of any Sunward rocket.

Winning Selection

  • Sunward to decide the winners
  • There are no guidelines as to how entries will be judged
  • There is no difference if the entry is a digital or a print entry



  • "Sunward" means Sunward Aerospace Group Limited, employees, and or officers.
  • Photos or images may be NOT be edited, touch, changed, combined, or adjusted in any way except for cropping.
  • Images may not contain any person
  • Images may not contain animals, copyrighted works, trademarks, or other intellectual property which may not be freely reprinted
  • Images not suitable for printing or publishing are void
  • Void where prohibited
  • All entries become the property of Sunward and will be published.
  • Open to residents of USA and Canada.
  • Winners' name will be published.
  • Suppliers, distributors, vendors, advertising agencies, and or consultants to Sunward may not enter.
  • Family members of Sunward may not enter
  • Winners to correctly answer a timed skill testing question.
  • Prizes as awarded
  • Winners to have 3 days to choose their prize when a choice or substitution is available or the choice will be made for them.
  • Sunward to have the final say
  • no commercial entries.
  • If needed, rules may be changed. Any changes, clarifications, or corrections will be published in this web page.
Changes, Clarifications, Corrections

April 28, 2006 - Contest closed to entries.
Time will be allowed for mailed entries.

February 23, 2006 - Prizes will be limited to the kits available as of the announcement date. Sunward does reserves the right to limit the number of each kit chosen.

January 16, 2006 - Contest announced