Pro75, Pro 98, Pro 150 ship in 2-3 days. We are not shipping Cesasoroni motors to the US at this time - only hardware.

Pro98 Adapter Ring for Boat Tail P98-AR First Generation

Pro98 Adapter Ring for Boat Tail
Pro98 Adapter Ring for Boat Tail

Pro98 Adapter Ring for Boat Tail.

This adapter ring is required in order to use the Pro98 Boat Tail hardware.

Threads are not compatible between the 2 types of cases. The only items that are interchangeable are the Forward Closure and the Nozzle Holder.

We ship GEN 2 unless specified in the description.

GEN 2 cases have a one piece case with no added ring on the thrust end.

Fits Old Style and cases only.

Regular 49.95, now on sale.

Item: P98-AR

Contents subject to change. Price includes in store coupon.

Price: $44.99

Pro75 and Pro98 Motor Bonding

Certain CTI Pro75 and Pro98 motors requires a certain type of glue for motor bonding.  For a current list of motors affected, please the Product Notes for these size of motors.

For glue, please see: