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Ground Support Equipment & Accessories

The Launch Control System has been designed so that the fragile and heavy pieces are kept safely on the ground, not in the sky. The Launch Control System allows you to fill and ignite your rocket from a safe distance, as well as providing a means to unload the N2O if necessary. When you are ready to launch your rocket, you mount it on the Fill Stem Assembly with the fill stem going up through the fuel grain and sealing in the injector bell. This fill stem consists of two coaxial tubes, one of which fills the oxidizer tank with N2O, the other for providing gaseous oxygen (GOX) to the combustion chamber for ignition. A piece of igniter wire is placed in the fuel grain and is attached to the igniter module. The rocket is then tied down to the Fill Stem Assembly with plastic tie-down straps.

From the Launch Control Box, the N2O fill solenoid is activated and the N2O starts to fill the oxidizer tank. When the liquid N2O reaches the top of the vent tube inside the oxidizer tank, the N2O vents through a hole in the side (or bottom) of the rocket. The vent plume is visible and indicates that the tank is full. The fill solenoid is then shut off. At ignition, the GOX solenoid and Igniter Module are activated. The Igniter Module causes an electrical arc to ignite the end of the igniter wire in the presence of GOX, quickly lighting the fuel grain. The exhaust from the ignition sequence burns through the tie-down straps that secures the rocket to the launch pad. As the Fill Stem tubes fall, the Kline Valve opens and the N2O flows into the combustion chamber immediately bringing the motor up to full thrust.

HyperTEK Fill Stem Assemblies will work with most popular launch stands using a variety of launch rods and rails and can handle rockets from 2 1/8” to over 6” in diameter.

The Basic Fill/Fire Launch Control System comes with the Launch Control Box, Igniter Module, Launch Pad Junction Box, N2O and GOX Solenoid Assemblies, N2O and GOX Hoses, a spool of Igniter Wire and a 100’ Control Cable. Fill Stem Assemblies are ordered separately.

For those larger L and M launches, you will need the Remote Relay Module and the 500’ Control Cable in addition to the Basic Fill/Fire Launch Control System. The Remote Relay module uses an additional battery at the launch pad (not included) and provides safe launch distances for you and your spectators.


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