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Skill Level

Choose your rocket by Skill level. Skill Levels 1 to 5. Skill Level 1 is for the beginner. Skill level 5 for the advanced builder.

Skill Level Guide to Model Rocket Kits

Skill Level 1

The Skill Level 1 rocket is easy to assembly. This type is best for beginners. These kit may require some painting and gluing.

Skill Level 2

This rocket, while still easy to build as Level 1 rocket kits, may require more building skills. Finishing the completed kit, such as painting and sanding, may be required for a more finished look.

Skill Level 3

This level will require more moderate building skills in construction and finishing of the model rocket kit. Longer build times are typical.

Skill Level 4

For more advanced and experienced builders. More involved in building and finishing techniques required. More of a challenge

Skill Level 5

For experienced builders only. These kits typically require more time and and more skill. More challenging than other kits. Depending on the kit, may require more attention to detail and preparation.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5