The Solar Eclipse 2 Stage Model Rocket Kit

The Solar Eclipse 2 Stage Model Rocket Kit
Solar Eclipse Laser Cut FinsSolar Eclipse Laser Cut Mounting RingsIncludes 24 inch Nylon ParachuteBT70 Balsa Nose ConeBreak out of the parts for the motor sectionsVisual mounting set for the Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse Parachute RecoverySkill Level 3
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The Solar Eclipse™ 2 Stage Model Rocket Kit

2 Stage Model Rocket Kit with Booster

The well designed kit is a great first 2 stage kit.  With high quality parts, it is easy to put together.  Fly as a one stage- using one engine, or as a 2 stage - with engines launched with one igniter.

Picture of the quality parts are listed with other images.

  • Flights of 1350 feet / 425 m
  • Precision FACTORY Precut Main Body Tubes and Booster Section
  • Diameter 2.217" / 56mm
  • Length over 44" / 110cm
  • High Quality EIGHT (8) Fin Laser Cut Balsa - 2 sets of FOUR (4)
  • Includes laser cut lite-ply mounting rings
  • Safe 24" nylon parachute recovery
  • Includes Self Adhesive Decal
  • Great 2 stage kits with stable flight
  • Recommended engines:
      Fly as single stage:
    • D12-3, D12-5, E9-8
      Fly as Two Stage
    • D12-0, C11-7
    • D12-0, D12-7
    • D12-0, E9-8
  • Instructions
  • Designed by Tim MacLeod
  • Skill Level 3 - requires friction fit of motors.

Single Stage
525' / 160m
925' / 275m
TWO Stage
D12-0, C11-7
700' / 200m
D12-0, D12-7
1000' / 300m
D12-0, E9-8
1350' / 425m

To build and launch this kit, you will also need (not included):

  • Recovery Wadding - or use Sunward™ BT70 Baffle or Sunward NOMEX 9x9" Fire Resistant Blanket - best to install when building.
  • Small tools
  • Sandpaper
  • Sealer and paints
  • White glue
  • Launch Pad and Launch Controller
  • Rocket Engines
  • Igniters

Rocksim File (right click to download) for the Solar Eclipse™ Model Rocket Kit.

Please note all Rocksim files are provided as a courtesy and are not meant to be 100% accurate - errors do exist. All rockets must be tested for stability prior to launch.

Recommended for ages 14 and up - adult supervision required for ages 14-16

Price: $54.99