Trebuchet Wood Kits

Trebuchet Wood Kit
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Trebuchet Wood Kits

Part of the Siege Engine Line - Precut and Predrilled

This high quality Trebuchet is a joy to build and to play.

Based on the Warwolf Trebuchet from the 13th century. The Trebuchets were used as a weapon to destroy castle walls prior to the main attack.

The kit comes in pieces, but when fully assembled, it becomes a working Trebuchet model. Add some counterweight to the box, adjust the arm, the sling, and have fun.

The parts are made from high quality Basswood - a low knot wood - perfect for modeling. The kit includes detailed instructions, with both words and pictures that make this Trebuchet Kit easy to build and must have. Takes about 2 hours build time (in addition to gluing.) Only simple tools are needed - snips or good pliers or cutters. Just cut the wood dowels to length and join the pieces. No need for screws or nails.

The Trebuchet Kit, like the Catapult and the Ballista, are made locally. This is NOT made in China.

Perfect for the medieval or science class. Also have fun or bug your co-workers with this Cube Warfare kit. A great addition to anyone's collection. With proper setup, you could easily throw a small projectile about the size of a golf ball about 20-30 feet. ( Safety glasses required when building and or being used)

  • Made from high quality Basswood
  • Precut to length and holes are pre-drilled
  • Almost 18" long and 9 1/2" tall
  • Working model with bucket
  • Skill Level 3
  • Ages 16 and up, 14-15 with adult supervision
  • Laser cut Plywood Wheels (Note- Initial kits produced in 2005 and 2006 may contain some Spruce/Pine/ Fir, and/or MDF parts. )
Price: $31.99