About Us and our History

Whether you’re a hardcore hobbyist, a pushy parent or a budding builder, Sunward Hobbies wants to help. As a family owned business since 2004, we understand the satisfaction of building a model kit from start to finish. Procrastinating builders-turned-collectors are welcome, too.

We started as a small operation in our home and expanded online. Our passion for model rocket kits grew, so we began selling them. As our clientele expanded, so did our product line. The online catalogue included plastic model kits, rockets, diorama accessories, paints, tools, and books.

Now we operate from our storefront at Unit 39 – 1200 Aerowood Dr, Mississauga serving customers online and in-store. We focus on delivering the most diverse line of hobby paints, modelling tools and un-assembled kits. If you’re gift shopping or just buying for yourself, we aim to carry something for every type of hobbyist.

Just like we shared our hobbies with you, we hope it encourages sharing your hobbies with family and friends.

Thanks for coming by.  We would love to hear any feedback, comments, or suggestions you may have. You can easily contact us.

sunward staff

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New Products introduced:
Arachnid Payload Model Rocket kit
Mini CFX3 Model Rocket Kit
60inch Nylon Ripstop Parachutes
29mm to 38mm mounting kits
compact U-Bolt assembly

New Products introduced:
24mm to 29mm mounting kits
BT20 1 3/4″ nose cone
38mm mounting kits with a 20″ motor tube
29mm mounting kits with a 15″ motor tube
29mm D-Region Tomahawk Kit #2037 upgrade
U-Bolt assemblies
1/4″ Launch Lugs bonus Pack
Bulk Rocket Motors now available
BT80 Balsa Couplers
Featherweight Altimeters and AV-Bays
Desert Camouflage NOMEX products
Quick Links in 3 sizes
Limited selection of Red and orange NOMEX

2010 – New Products introduced:
new NOMEX flame resistant products are now offered in red.
new web site. Redone in Drupal / Ubercart CMS system.
new dedicated server with built in hardware and software protection
book Rockets of the World by Peter Alway 4th Edition
book Model Rocket Design And Construction by Timothy S. Van Milligan, Revised 3rd Edition
BT70 and a BT80 long plastic nose cones
Balsa Sheets now available in various widths and thicknesses
15″ round red parachute for 2011 TARC Competition
New 3/8″ wide shock cord
Parachute Recovery Systems Design Manual by Theo W. Knacke as a free download or preprinted
A through D model rocket engines

2009 – New Products introduced:
Floating Head Piston launchers and base
05 158 and 05 159 mounting kits
14 Pack Assorted Body Tubes
BT20 Baffles
BT20 couplers
New Monster Pack Assorted Couplers
5 foot x 5 foot NOMEX™ Ground Cover Flame Resistant Blankets
24″ x 24″ NOMEX™ Flame Resistant Blankets
new line of yellow nylon parachutes
BT50 body tubes
reintroduced 10mm basswood sticks
Gravity Rider – antares class™ Model Rocket Kit reintroduced
Mini Moondance™ Model Rocket Kit
Penguin™ Model Rocket Kit
Tri-Force™ Model Rocket Kit

modified web site design
New Products introduced:
Full Line Cluster Cables
Balsa Nose Cones
BT20 nose cones
model and mid power launch controllers

Moved to new expanded Production facilities and obtained new equipment.
Acquire rights to DMB Rocketry Launch controllers and Cluster Cables.
Acquired rights to the Hellbender and Flechette Rockets.
New Products introduced:
Paper Telescope Kit™
Interplanetary Shuttle™ Model Rocket Kit
Space Speedster™ Model Rocket Kit
Flechette™ Model Rocket Kit
Box Racer™ Model Rocket Kit
Bug Me Not!™ Model Rocket Kit
Explorer™ Model Rocket Kit
Lightning Fury™ Model Rocket Kit
BT50 Nose Cone
BT55 Tubes, 18″ long
DUAL 24mm to BT80 mounting kit
Laser Cut Bird House Kit
Dual 24mm to BT80 mounting kit
New Mounting Kits with 4inch tubes
Mercury Lander Jr.™ Model Rocket Kit
Solar Eclipse™ Model Rocket Kit
SkyBender™ Model Rocket Kit
The Screamer!™ Model Rocket Kit
Grasshopper™ Model Rocket Kit
Flat Foot™ Model Rocket Kit
Arachnid™ Model Rocket Kit
Daddy Long Legs™ Model Rocket Kit
Eruption™ Model Rocket Kit
2 x 18mm to BT60 Tilted Mounting Kit
4 x 18mm to BT70 Tilted Mounting Kit
2 Pack BT70 Rocket Tubes 4″ long
Yellow Nylon Parachutes
Fuschia Nylon Parachutes
Clay Nose Weight

New Products introduced:
Khufu’ Pyramid Model Rocket Kit
Flying Umbrella Model Rocket Kit
King Tut’s Pyramid Model Rocket Kit
NOMEX products
Nylon Parachutes
Baffle Kits
Ballista Wooden Kit

New Products introduced:
CFX-Six Footer!™
Series Reprint #1
Sukhoi SU-47 Model Rocket Kit
Mirage Model Rocket Kit
Star Watcher Model Rocket Kit
Rocket Glider
Payloader Model Rocket Kit
Gravity Rider Model Rocket Kit
Galactic Wave Model Rocket Kit
Shoot the Moon Model Rocket Kit
Motor Metal Clips
Trebuchet Wooden Kit
Elastic Racer Kit
Catapult Wooden Kit
Start of new Mounting Kits line
Start of new expanded Parts Line

Change of ownership.
Sunward™ Aerospace Group Limited incorporated.
New logo introduced for all products.

Original Sunward Company Started