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Certification Videos

Finally I am able to add videos for the Certification Flight.

This first video is just basic information as there was a continuity problem. Each video is about 2MB in size.


The second video is of the actual flight.  After a while, the rocket can't be seen in the video. Sorry about the finger on the image. Tim MacLeod is the voice in the background.

CAR-ACF Level 2 Certification Flight

Well, I launched the rocket on Saturday June 19, 2010.  Successful launch and recovery!  Thanks to Bob, Chris, and Jim of NAPAS for certifying the launch.

The expected height was 2,200 feet but it seemed to go higher.  With a little wind (about 16km/h), and the ejection charge set too low (4 seconds), the rocket drifted about 1 1/2 km downrange!  Nice walk there and back though tall grass, swamps, and fences.  It does help to read the instructions for the motor before using it.

The rocket flew on a Pro38 382-I-170-14A Classic high power motor.

CAR-ACF Level 2 Certification

I have enclosed 2 pictures of a rocket that I built for my  Canadian Association of Rocketry  - L'Association Canadienne De Fuséologie Level 2 Certification test.  This  test is based on a successful construction, flight, and recovery of an "I" motor based rocket.

The kit is an old kit that has been around and missing some parts.  Large at 5 3/8" (sorry, Sunward doesn't have these just yet) and a height of 37".  Being a wide rocket, hopefully it won't go as high and I won't have to go far to recover it.

Pyrotechnician Badge Arrived

My Fireworks Operator Certificate - Pyrotechnician - arrived to day in the mail.  This is the result of the course I took earlier.  Arrived sooner than I expected.

This will allow me to handle all types of rockets motors and a defined class of pyrotechnic effects.

Angelo Castellano

TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods course

I am currently taking the TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods course from the compliancecenter.com for the handling of shipping certain goods through the mail.

Although I only need the information relating to motors, it covers everything.  Almost done.  Only 3 more sessions to go and should be finished later today.  The quiz at the end of each session, which is mandatory, is not easy.  Having notes helps.

Angelo Castellano

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