CAR-ACF Level 2 Certification

I have enclosed 2 pictures of a rocket that I built for my  Canadian Association of Rocketry  - L'Association Canadienne De Fuséologie Level 2 Certification test.  This  test is based on a successful construction, flight, and recovery of an "I" motor based rocket.

The kit is an old kit that has been around and missing some parts.  Large at 5 3/8" (sorry, Sunward doesn't have these just yet) and a height of 37".  Being a wide rocket, hopefully it won't go as high and I won't have to go far to recover it.

To complete the kit, I used the 38mm to 5 3/8" mounting kit an 18"x18" Nomex Flame Resistant Blanket a 58" long NOMEX Shock Cord Protector and a 36" Nylon Parachute

I hope to launch very soon.

Angelo Castellano

High Power Level 2 Rocket Parts
High Power Level 2 Rocket Completed