Tim MacLeod’s Level 1 Certification

Congratulation to Tim MacLeod on his successful Level 1 flight yesterday, Saturday August 28, 2010 at the NAPAS launch. Tim is the designer of many Sunward rocket kits, including the Mercury Lander Jr, the Solar Eclipse, and many others.

Finally got his certification as he has been waiting almost 2 years for the flight.  He waited because of weather, too windy, scared to lose the rocket, etc.

It was a custom built 4 inch diameter rocket that can even fly up to J motors. Thinking ahead, he even built in a cargo bay. He didn’t install a motor retainer but will do so for future flights.

The rocket flew on a Pro38 247H143SS-13A (Smokey Sam).  The design included NOMEX flame resistant blanket and a 36″ nylon parachute.  The flight did drift a bit due to wind and the size of the parachute.  A 30″ would have been better.

I forgot the camera so I will be waiting for other for images.  Sorry.

Angelo Castellano