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Now shipping GEN 2 cases and hardware

Threads are not compatible between the 2 types of cases. The only items that are interchangeable are the Forward Closure and the Nozzle Holder.

We ship GEN 2 unless specified in the description.

GEN 2 cases have a one piece case with no added ring on the thrust end.

Pro98® rocket motor hardware is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and anodized for corrosion protection. 5 components make up a complete Pro98® motor hardware set – the motor casing, the forward closure, the nozzle holder (rear closure), and the threaded retaining rings (2) for each end of the case. An accessory wrench is available which make fitting and removing the retaining rings a snap.

Motor cases and closure components are available separately or in more economical sets. The forward closure, nozzle holder and retaining rings can be interchanged between the six motor casing sizes.

Pro98® motor casings are available in six sizes to fit reloads from K through N class – please refer to the motor specification page to see which casing is required for each reload.

Hardware cases available in:

  • 1 Grain Case
  • 2 Grain Case
  • 3 Grain Case
  • 4 Grain Case
  • 6 Grain Case
  • 6GXL Grain Case

(There is no 5 Grain Case)

Also available is a hardware set for each that includes the hardware casing, closures(forward closure and nozzle holder), and 2 retaining rings.  Sold separately.

Instructions: Pro 98 Hardware Instructions

Dimensions: Pro98 Hardware Dimensions

Item: P98 Cases

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