iHobby Expo 2011 Day 2

Friday October 21, 2011 was the second day of the event and was open to the trade.  Saturday becomes the first day the public can come.

Stopped raining! Finally.

Attended the NRHSA (National Retail Hobby Stores Association) member meeting and panel. I even won a free pass the the event in Las Vegas next year!

Full day with a very busy morning.  Then off to the HMA General Hobby Division membership meeting.  More free drinks. (Happy bunch)

Got to see the new Axis and Allies game and even got free samples from the makers of Magic Gathering. Yes, being an executive does have it's privileges.

Internet at the hotel is still slow.  But we did get out fridge and microwave.

Main Street at iHobby Expo 2011
Plastic Models at iHobby Expo 2011
More Main Street at iHobby Expo 2011
Collective Art Work at iHobby Expo 2011
G Scale Choo Choo Train at iHobby Expo 2011
Axis and Allies at iHobby Expo 2011
Twist Ties and not reuseable tabs?