iHobby Expo 2012 Pictures

A set of pictures of iHobby 2012 that was just held in Cleveland Ohio at the I-X Center. The I-X Center is HUGE. But lots of friendly staff and lots of parking. We have 3 posts with the pictures: https://www.sunward1.com/content/ihobby-expo-2012-picture-part https://www.sunward1.com/content/ihobby-expo-2012-picture-part-b https://www.sunward1.com/content/ihobby-expo-2012-picture-part-c Next Year iHobby Expo will be held again in Cleveland from October 17 … Read more

iHobby Expo 2011 Day 4 Part a

Last Day!.  We are now back home and catching up on work. I had more time to go around the event so the final post is actually in 5 parts.  This is the first and has general pictures. Met Stacey David from Gearz and Michael Gross of the 1980’s TV show  Family Ties. Stacey David … Read more