New web site done

Well, we did it!

We updated the new site.  It now runs on Drupal/ Ubercart and will have now ported all the old material to this new system of running a web site.  There are a couple of ends to clean up, but it is pretty much done.

The new site will not be a problem when it comes to security.  We have hardware and software protection built in. We don’t keep or even have access to your credit card information.  That is done through our payment gateway, Paypal, who is known for their security.

Now that it it up and running, watch for new features for the rocket flyer and new products.  We are working on them right now and they should be out next week.  Top Secret until then!

If you have any feedback or comments, we would love to hear them.  You can email us at [email protected] or call direct at 416-901-4777


Angelo Castellano
Sunward Group Limited