Some Basic Security Changes at Sunward

There have been some reports in the news about hijacked cell phones. In effect, taking over your cell phone to take control on all domains and social media. A couple of links: LinusTechTips h3h3Productions – warning – Some language in light of this, at Sunward we have made some changes: -a PIN has … Read more

Additional IP addresses blocked

A while back, we had made a post indicating we will be blocking some IP addresses due to spam and attacks: We have now taken further steps.  With the use of ConfigServer Security & Firewall, we have now blocked all traffic from China and Seychelles (country codes CN and SC). In addition, many IP … Read more

Sunward Hobbies Achieves Better Business Bureau Accreditation

We are please to announce is now a Better Business Bureau Accredited website. is the hobby retail division of Sunward Group Limited serving the Canadian market. As all divisions and websites of a company need to be individually verified, Sunward obtained the Accredited standing after showing the website met all BBB standards … Read more

Access Denied to Certain IP addresses

The main Sunward site, and affiliated sites, will now deny access to certain IP’s address (Internet Protocol).  Most of these are based in China. We did this after monitoring repeated and consistent attacks on the Sunward server.  The attacks were attempts to access pages with administrator privileges. In addition, we have also restricted the use … Read more

Spam Measures

There has been a lot of spam coming into our mailbox lately and it is getting annoying.  So we have implemented some simple changes to cut down on the obvious spam. These measures include: requests for “message read reply” are NEVER sent.  Outlook express has been set to never send it.  We do not even … Read more