Shipments Continue

As postal negotiations are continuing, we have changed the cart order minimum back to our normal minimum. We are shipping all orders.

Shipments Continue and Changes in Effect

Update: There seems there will be no strike/lockout at this time. We are shipping all orders. As there will likely be a Canada Post strike or lockout on Friday July 8, 2016, the following changes are in effect immediately: all orders, where possible, will be shipped via UPS cart order minimum is now $40.00 remote … Read more

UPS Upgrades the Shipping Computer

Since Windows XP is not going to be supported in the future, UPS ( United Parcel Service) did an upgrade on the shipping computer system. actually, we had Windows 2000 running on the system. No more tube screen and 9 year old system. We actually got it just after opening. Thanks to UPS and their … Read more